Ride for Life Chicago 2019

Team Fred

Team Fred is the proud group of friends, volunteers, and advocates for both TPAN and the Fred Says Foundation founded by Rob Garofalo. We proudly join this year's Ride for Life Chicago to advance TPAN's work.

See our wonderful team members at right, read more about Paws N Effect and Fred Says, and join us with a donation to help change lives.

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Our mission is to empower all lives affected by HIV and its many health challenges, and we are proud to help TPAN and our community partners deliver on that promise every day. This year, every dollar raised through #TeamFred will support the work of TPAN with special focus on the expansion of Paws N Effect and services for LGBTQ young people. Learn about how the Fred Says Foundation helped inspire a one-of-a-kind program at TPAN and unique healing through the unconditional love of a dog.

Arnie from Paws N Effect QA - Ride for Life Chicago

Dayna Flores, Mental Health Therapist and Manager of Paws N Effect at TPAN, recently shared a compelling update of how the program is affecting lives: “Since our first Paws N Effect client received her pup, she’s found new motivation to engage and participate in life. Before, she would talk about how lonely and isolated she felt, and depression was impairing her health. Now, she is focusing more on building a relationship and exploring the world with a companion that provides her with comfort and unconditional love. The change has been dramatic.”  

Thank you for supporting Team Fred in the Ride for Life Chicago with your participation, hard work, donations, and sponsorship to be wind at the backs of all our team!

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