Victory Lap Chicago - September 23, 2023

Team Gilead

Our team has registered for The Victory Lap in order to raise money for TPAN, a health and community service organization in Chicago. HIV/AIDS is something close to my heart, and the Ride is the only event in the Midwest that helps people living with HIV or vulnerable to transmission. The money raised helps TPAN and community partners provide housing, healthcare, and mental health services to thousands of Chicagoans. By helping people get housing, food, healthcare, and affordable medications, TPAN tackles health equity problems every day.

I'm committed to TPAN and The Victory Lap to make sure people in my community have access to TPAN's services, to reduce stigma around HIV/AIDS, and to honor those who have passed away from AIDS-related causes.

Because of these reasons (and more!) I hope I can count on your support this year. And not just for me, but for the people TPAN helps.

Any gift that's meaningful to you would mean so much to our effort!
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