Our mission is to save and empower lives affected by HIV and health disparities. In TPAN’s 32-year history, we have grown from a community-based effort to a full-service health organization that is now a critical safety-net care provider during the COVID-19 crisis. Today, TPAN is a care provider to thousands of vulnerable people in Chicago, and we are the only non-profit in the U.S. to publish a national education and health news magazine for people living with and affected by HIV.

A safety-net care provider in Chicago.
A nationwide news source and educator for all affected by HIV.

TPAN serves individuals across all identities of race, ethnicity, and gender. Most who access our care are low-income LGBTQ individuals and people of color – community members most impacted by HIV in Chicago. TPAN’s Ride for Life Chicago supports direct care and services right here at home.

Through Positivey Aware, TPAN also provides HIV-focused health and treatment information to people in rural areas, underserved cities, prisons and care systems. Our expertise in health care and HIV reaches all 50 states and many communities still living with the powerful stigma of HIV.

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We innovate care and serve our most at-risk community members.

Elements of our health care and services range from puppies (through our new program Paws N Effect) to PrEP! Our LGBTQ youth drop-in program and health intervention programs engage hundreds of young adults and have received national recognition for their innovative design and successes. From our location on Chicago’s North Side, we are changing lives in profound ways. TPAN is the care provider for hundreds of older adults, many of whom are long-term survivors of HIV. Older adults living with chronic illness turn to TPAN to access expert care delivered with dignity and compassion.

Our staff are expert clinicians, HIV prevention specialists, mental health providers, case managers, and more. We connect with and serve vulnerable people because TPAN's team members know and understand our community. 

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To learn more about TPAN's programs and services and to better understand how your part in the Ride for Life Chicago advances lifesaving care goes to work or browse our Impact resources

Reach out to a TPAN Ride for Life Chicago staff member via the link below.

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