Ride for Life Chicago Crew


In many ways, crew members are the driving force behind TPAN's Ride for Life Chicago. When Crew members aren't cheering and encouraging cyclists along the route, they are helping in a variety of ways:

  • Managing pit stops and water stops
  • transporting bikes to camp for cyclists unable to complete their route
  • fixing flat tires are a few of the duties

Don't worry! We'll make sure you're informed and trained about everything you need to know to be a crew member. You will be provided with training around cycling and road regulations, and how to effectively navigate participants from start to finish.

While it's not required, we ask crew members to fundraise at least $500. Your fundraising will help TPAN to deliver a full range of programs to underserved people in Chicago living with HIV or vulnerable to HIV.

Ride for Life Chicago crew

Those who sign up to crew should commit to helping out 2-4 hours each month during outdoor training sessions in the weeks leading up to the event. These training sessions are held on Saturdays, beginning in April. If you are available to assist only during Ride weekend, not to worry, simply register to become our crew team and we'll get you up with the perfect role that fits your schedule.


There are three types of crew teams supporting Ride for Life Chicago:

Road Crew: These crew members oversee everything from road markings and cyclist check-ins to communicating route updates and weather concerns. Road crews will also support "sweeping" cyclists who need help getting to the next point, and they monitor route sections to see that everyone makes it to their finish. The crew support safety, cyclists, and the fun of our experience!

Pit-Stop Crews:
 The Ride for Life Chicago includes pit-stops and check-in stations along its route. pit-stop crews support all these stations and our cycling participants to help them reach their finish line. Volunteers will help see that riders get rehydrated, fueled up, and inspired to take on the next leg of the journey.

Medical Crew:
Safety is our number one priority. There are licensed medical professionals who support cyclists from the start of the route to the finish line, addressing cyclists' medical and injury needs. A medical crew will examine injured participants and decide whether it is safe for them to continue on the route in the event of an emergency.

For more information, or if you have questions about becoming part of Ride for Life Chicago's crew, contact our event staff. Read our COVID-19 policy here.