Looking for another way to get involved? TPAN has different volunteering options throughout the year. We depend on volunteers to support our mission of Saving lives and empowering those affected by HIV/AIDS and related conditions. Wheather you're an individual or a corporate group we welcome your support.   

Volunteering makes the Ride for Life Chicago experience uniquely inclusive. Year over year, individual, group, and corporate volunteers join in the effort to further TPAN’s mission by volunteering in a number of ways! 

Advance Volunteers

In the months leading up to September 13th, there are administrative volunteer tasks as well as logistical volunteer tasks that help to shape the Ride. For more information or to learn how to become involved, Contact your TPAN staff.

Finish Line Experience

This year,the Finish Line Experience on September 13th, is our moment of solidarity, where we plan to come together (socially distanced) and take a moment to reflect, not only on the history of the Ride, but of our collective 10,000 Together!

Group Volunteers

TPAN and the Ride for Life Chicago welcome group volunteers! For details on how your group can get involved, please contact TPAN's Development Team.

Corporate Group Volunteers

TPAN has several different oppurtunities for Corporate groups to support our mission. We offer turnkey virtual options so volunteers from all over can safely and easily participate. Want to start a corporate Ride for Life team? Looking for a fun teambuilding project? Want to help with data? Please contact Charlie Jungwirth, Manager of Events and Community Engagment to see how your group can get involved.