Ride For Life Chicago 2021 

Empowering lives affected by HIV

In September 2021, we will rally together to support the mission of TPAN. 

10,000 Together in 2020 - ICONS Together Blue

The Ride for Life Chicago is the re-envisioned Ride for AIDS Chicago event that raises awareness and funds to support lifesaving care for people affected by HIV and health disparities. After 18 years as the Midwest's premier cycling event to support HIV care, the 2021 Ride brings together volunteers, advocates as well as  donors to ensure that Chicagoans have access to the care and services that safeguard our community and support full healthy lives. 


In the face of the COVID-19 crisis, our participants and volunteers have committed to support TPAN's mission to go farther for people affected by HIV and health disparities.  

The pandemic is challenging all of us to be creative and stay strong, and virtual participants from anywhere, at any level of ability, with any personal challenge can be part of our lifesaving mission.


The Ride's history and recognition in Chicago's cycling community is part of our tradition, but this year's Ride is so much more. SIGN UP today.

10,000 Together in 2020 - 6 Participants v2 


The Ride for Life Chicago is a vehicle for profound storytelling, education, and empowerment. Through our stories, we reduce stigma and compel action. Our supporters include LGBTQ people, families, care providers, health advocates, and many people themselves living with HIV. The Ride for Life highlights and humanizes our experiences while turning our advocacy and outreach into lifesaving care and services at TPAN.

Our commitment is to rally in the face of crisis, uplift one another and help our community affected by HIV stay safe, healthy, and thriving in challenging times.


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