Crew members are responsible for maintaining and managing the route and supporting rider safety. Crew and volunteers are the backbone of the Ride for Life Chicago. When Crew isn't cheering along the route, they're helping to manage pit stops and direct riders at the lunch stop. Executing these tasks are what makes each Crew member individually outstanding!

Our incredible Crew provide much-needed encouragement and support our riders through the training program and the ride itself. 

Crew members may join the Ride for Life Chicago experience as individuals (register with a friend!) or as part of a Ride for Life Chicago teams! Our Crew is also led by outstanding volunteer Captains with years of Ride experience and knowledge of the event's cycling and fundraising goals.

We ask that you raise a suggested minimum of $500 in your fundraising efforts.

 There are three types of Crew teams supporting the Ride for Life Chicago:

  • Road Crew: These crew members oversee everything from road markings and cyclist check-ins to communicating route updates and weather concerns. Road Crews will also support "sweeping" cyclists who need help getting to the next point, and they monitor route sections to see that everyone makes it to their finish. The Crew supporst safety, cyclists, and the fun of our experience! 
  • Pit-Stop Crews: The Ride for Life Chicago includes pit-stops and check-in stations along its route. Pit-Stop Crews support all these stations and our cycling participants to help them reach their finish line. Volunteers will help see that riders get rehydrated, fueled up, and inspired to take on the next leg of the journey.
  • Medical Crew: The Ride will have a designated, fully equipped Medical Crew supporting cyclists from the beginning of the route to the finish line. The Medical Crew Team will be mobile along the route and have a medical tent at the finish line (our Closing Ceremony location!). All Medical Crew members are licensed professionals. Their team has the committed leadership of longtime TPAN volunteers experienced in both medical needs and injury assessment as well as in the Ride experience. If an emergency should arise, the Medical Team will examine the rider and make final decisions regarding whether it is safe or not for an injured participant to continue on the route. Safety is our top priority. All individuals interested in volunteering with our Medical Crew will interview with our Medical Crew Captain after registering to confirm licensed status and needed skills. Set up a talk with our Medical Crew Captain, Brian Elliott, to ask questions and inquire about our needs


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