Thank you for registering  for the 2021 Ride For Life Chicago! Here are some tips for making your Ride For Life fundraising a success:

Ways to Ask

 1.    Set your fundraising target

The minimum fundraising goal is $1,200. But there is no limit on how much you can raise! Monitor your goal in the Participant Center. Make your goal aspirational and something achievable. Your goal and personal page helps to  inspire others to join the Ride for Life!

 2.  Craft Your Story

 Share why you ride, tell people what inspires you about TPAN’s mission, talk about the programs, or services that impact you.  gift to the Ride for Life is a gift that can  help save a life. . Things to consider:

-          Are you personally inspired by someone living with HIV?

-          Is there a program at TPAN that moves you to be part of our effort?

-          Did someone special inspire you to give to TPAN?

The answers to these questions and the reasons why YOU give your time, energy, and advocacy are the most compelling things in asking for donations.

3.  Set up your personal page

Your personal page in the Participant Center is your online platform for telling your story, communicating with friends, and monitoring your fundraising progress as you invite others to support our mission. Once you've set up your log-in and password, you will check in frequently by logging in from the Ride homepage. You can email friends, access templates and fundraising resources, and see who has donated.

 4.    Share on Social Media

 Share your fundraising page to your Facebook account. It’s an easy way to spread the word that you are fundraising for Ride For Life!

 5.    Host Your Own Fundraising Event

 A great way to ask for donations is to gather your friends and loved ones for a fun event! Consider hosting a small gathering, such as a BBQ, happy hour at a local bar, or whatever is fun to you. Ask your guests to donate at your gathering. After your event, please fill out the Fundraising Event Report 

6.  Matching Gifts

Ask your company or employer to do a matching gift. Matching gifts are a great way to boost your fundraising. Many employers generously match their employees’ donations to charities.

Ways to Give

1.  Please familiarize yourself with all the ways in which a donor or sponsor can make their contribution to the Ride for Life Chicago! Check out how to Get Involved as a Donor/Sponsor, and read about

2.  One-time donations to an individual participant or team

3.  Monthly recurring gift over 2-12 months (which will be credited to your progress in full, when active with a recurring payment)

4.  We recommend that you donate through your personal page (also called a "self-donation") to experience what your donors will see, read, and receive as their receipt and gift confirmation. You can donate to your own campaign as many times as you like.

5.  All donors who give $500 or more will be recognized as a sponsor. We will recognize and acknowledge them on our website, social media, and at the event. Please consider becoming a sponsor today!


Forms & Support Documents