March 24, 2022

We’re in the middle of training and fundraising season and getting more excited as we look forward to a great event. You still have time to invite your friends and family to join you as a rider, crew member, or volunteer. Invite them to become a part of a group that cares deeply about people with HIV/AIDS and those who are vulnerable.

Fundraising Tip of the week: How do I ask for donations?

Asking for donations is easier if you get personal. To begin fundraising, you should Donations, fundraisingapproach your closest friends and family members, your inner circle, as discussed in last week's email. These people are most likely to donate. Asking them first will help you move the bar on your fundraising page before reaching out to your social network. 

If you regularly talk with some people in your inner circle, tell them about your participation in TPAN’s Ride for Life Chicago. Email, however, is the easiest way to reach out to the whole group. Next, we’ll discuss the elements of a good fundraising email. Your email should be personalized, include a photo (or two) of you and the following:

The organization you are fundraising for (TPAN)

you are fundraising

The fact that you’re starting with your closest family and friends before opening up to your larger network

What you want them to do : “Will you help me reach my goal by making a donation?”

A link to your fundraising page

Here is an example of an email you might send.

Email is also a great way to ask your coworkers and acquaintances to donate. If you need help creating your personalized fundraising email, contact one of our event staff—we're here to help!

Ride for Life Chicago, fundraising
Next week we'll talk about fundraising on social media.

TPAN Program Highlight: Every program at TPAN benefits from the Ride

TPAN's CEO, Kara Eastman, reminds us why the Ride for Life Chicago is so important to the people who come to TPAN for support and care.


Outdoor Training

It’s almost that time! On Saturday, April 2 we’ll have our first outdoor training. We’ll start On the Ride for Life - GIFfrom the parking lock of Winnemac Park. Please plan to be there no later than 8:40 AM. Our training sponsor, Rush PT, lead us through some dynamic stretching, and we will make a few announcements before we get on our bikes. Haven’t been on a bike in a year? Don’t worry! We have short and long distances planned. You can always refer to our Event and Training calendar here for the latest information.
Also, take a look at our training page for training resources, nutrition, etc.

Reach out to one of our event staff for specific questions.

Upcoming events and meetings

Do you have an upcoming RFLC fundraiser or meeting you want us to add to the event calendar? Contact our event staff, and we'll add it to our calendar. If you need assistance setting up a fundraising event, we are happy to help!

Team Captains Meeting: April 13, 5:30 PM. Location TBD. Contact Mark Franklin, Team Captain Lead, with questions at

RFLC Social Event: 
 We have another RFLC social event planned for April. Details will be announced soon.

Upcoming opportunities for training

HERE is the Event and Training Calendar. Make sure to look at training start times as those will change throughout the training cycle:

Thursday, March 24, 6:30 PM at Lakeview Athletic Club TONIGHT!

Sunday, March 27, 11 AM at Lakeview Athletic Club

Thursday, March 31, 6:30 PM at Lakeview Athletic Club

Saturday, April 2, 8:40 AM at Winnemac Park.