Yamari, Tea Room

Give. Ride. Go further. For life.

When you give, volunteer, and advocate to support the work of TPAN, your efforts have a profound impact. Here's Yamari, who works in TPAN's Tea Room, a drop-in center for LGBTQ youth and young adults. Many are homeless.

Here are other ways your donation goes to work in the lives of the people we serve:

  • $25 helps cover the costs of an HIV/STD testing/counseling session and testing kit
  • a gift of $10/month for one year supports 2 mental health care intakes for older adults living with HIV
  • $75 helps TPAN build our groundbreaking dog program Paws N Effect
  • $150 supports TPAN's housing navigation and case management experts' care for a homeless or unstably housed client
  • $250 covers a week's expenses to provide homeless LGBTQ youth with basic needs care, such as meals, clothing, and support
  • $500 helps TPAN connect a low-income person living with HIV to vital health care and supportive services

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