March 16, 2022

This week's email is part of our weekly email series for TPAN Ride for Life Chicago participants. You can always find these emails under the 'Participant Support' tab on the TPAN Ride for Life Chicago website. You can also reach out to one of our event staff for assistance. We’re here to guide you every step of the way!

Fundraising Tip of the week: Who should I ask for donations?

The next step in your fundraising journey will be to outline from whom you will ask for a donation. The power of fundraisingcrowd comes from mobilizing your friends and family. Rather than making one gift by yourself, you can get all the people you know and love involved. It gives you the opportunity to share your motivation for registering for the Ride, and it gives TPAN much-needed support from the wider community.

Start by talking to those who are closest to you. Next, are the people in your social network (including those who follow you on social media). The third group of people you should ask for support are connections with groups and organizations you belong to (like a recreational sports team). There is a good chance that you have dozens, if not hundreds, of people who might be willing to donate to you, even if you are not a social butterfly. 

If you are shy about asking for donations, remember, you are asking for support for a good cause.
 You are showing people your passions and giving them an opportunity to make a difference. And, you never know which of your friends and acquaintances have a personal connection to TPAN’s mission.

We’ve put together a worksheet to help you think about whom you can ask for donations

Next week we’ll discuss how to ask for donations.

 TPAN Program Highlight: Paws N’ Effect

 TPAN's Paws N' Effect program is the only one of its kind that connects people living with HIV with dogs that need Paws N effect, josiehomes. Our program partner is Felines & Canines, an animal adoption center in Rogers Park. This program aims to improve mental health and treatment adherence issues for people living with HIV. Paw's N' Effect is the brainchild of Julie Supple, TPAN's Chief Program and Impact Officer, and Rob Garofalo, a longtime Ride for Life Chicago participant. With the support of Rob's foundation, Fred Says, staff find the right canine family member for clients enrolled in the program. The program has already changed lives. One client told us, "I strongly believe that the Paws N' Effect program can transform lives, and if sharing my experience can help the program get attention, count me in!"
View a recent webinar about the program HERE to learn more about Paws N’ Effect.

Visit this link to get social media images and information about TPAN's programs and services that you
can share with your potential donors.

Upcoming events and meetings

Do you have an upcoming RFLC fundraiser or meeting you want us to add to the event calendar? Contact our event staff, and we'll add it to our calendar. If you need assistance setting up an event of your own, we are happy to help!

Team Captains Meeting: TONIGHT! 5:30 PM-6:30 PM at Nobody's Darling. Contact Mark Franklin, Team Captain Lead, with questions at

RFLC Social Event: TONIGHT! 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM at Nobody’s Darling. Join us for this official RFLC social gathering. See old friends and make new ones.

Upcoming opportunities for training

Sunday, March 20, 11 AM at CAC (Lakeview)

Monday, March 21, 6:30 PM at CAC (Lincoln Park)

Thursday, March 24, 6:30 PM at CAC (Lakeview)

Sunday, March 27, 11 AM at CAC (Lakeview)

Thursday, March 31, 6:30 PM at CAC (Lakeview)