March 31, 2022

We're working behind the scenes to make this year's event epic. Stay tuned in the coming days for exciting details about the event weekend. Now's the time to get your friends and family to join you. Remember, we have distances ranging from 50 to 200 miles. There are also opportunities to join us as a crew member or volunteer.

Don't forget you can view previous event emails if you recently registered, where you'll find lots of helpful information and fundraising tips.

Recruitment challenge update

As of this morning, Chainbite Gang is leading the recruitment challenge with 6 members, and Hanky Code and UIC are tied for second place with 5 new members!It's anyone's guess which teams will come out on top! Don't miss your chance to win a $200 restaurant gift card for a team dinner! The challenge runs through April 1. Winners will be announced on April 2.


Ride for Life Chicago, Recruitment Challenge, 2022

Outdoor Training is here

We’re finalizing details for our first outdoor training ride of the season. We’ll start from the Ride for Life Chicago, bicycleparking lot of Winnemac Park. Please plan to be there no later than 8:30 AM. We have short and long distances planned. Email our event training lead, Patrick Lannon, at if you plan to attend.

In the event that we have to cancel the training due to weather, we’ll make an announcement in the RFLC Facebook group and update the events and training calendar.

Fundraising Tip of the Week: Asking for donations through social media

Your social media profiles are your best way to reach as many people as possible. Post links Ride for Life Chicago, Social mediato your campaign page once you've notified your inner circle and are ready to invite the whole world. While most people use social media regularly, they don’t all check the same platforms. That's why you need to post on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. You can start by telling people why you joined TPAN's Ride for Life Chicago on social media.

Don't worry about being annoying. Social media is so fast, so it's easy for a single post to get lost. That's why you should post more than once. You can keep your appeal fresh by changing up your posts. Give some details about why you're passionate about TPAN's Ride for Life Chicago and TPAN's community work and how you're doing toward your fundraising goal.

REMINDER: You can find TPAN program and services photos HERE.

Starting a Facebook fundraiser through your event participant page is one of the easiest ways to raise money for your fundraising page. It takes 2 minutes to set up. Here are step-by-step instructions for setting up a Facebook fundraiser that links to your fundraising page.

Ride for Life Chicago, social media tips

Remember to thank your donors. A simple way to do this is to tag donors in a social media post, thanking them for their generosity.

Next week we’ll discuss how to put on a fundraising event!

TPAN’s Program of the Week: Youth Services

For almost 35 years, TPAN has been committed to empowering all lives affected by HIV, Curtis Hardmanespecially those of our most vulnerable, particularly LGBTQ youth. Our programs for youth ages 18–29 have offered various activities, individual counseling, and a safe drop-in space, but the COVID-19 pandemic has required us to adapt. Meet one of TPAN’s staff members who has risen to this challenge—Curtis, TPAN’s youth case manager.

What do you do in your position at TPAN?

I’m a youth case manager and a program facilitator for EPIC, TPAN's HIV and substance abuse program for young, same-gender-loving men. As a youth case manager, I help LGBTQ-identified young people overcome the concerns that prevent them from moving forward in their lives—from finding a safe place to live, finding healthy food, and finding treatment for HIV. As a program facilitator for EPIC, I lead conversations about important topics like mental health, trauma, relationships, spirituality, gender identity, HIV status and, race so our clients become more empowered and make the best decisions for themselves. READ MORE

Another chance to meet new Ride friends (and reconnect with old ones)

Meet us at My Buddy's on Friday, April 8, 6 - 7 pm for aTPAN Ride for Life Chicago Happy Hour. $10 will allow you to drink at a hosted bar. If you have friends interested in joining the Ride, bring them with you! Let us know you plan to come.

Ride for Life Chicago 2022, social event

Upcoming events and meetings

Do you have an upcoming RFLC fundraiser or meeting you want us to add to the event calendar? Contact us and we'll add it to our calendar. If you need assistance planning a fundraising event, we are here to help!

Team Captains Meeting: Wednesday, April 13, 5:30 PM. Location TBD. Contact Mark Franklin, Team Captain Lead, with questions at

RFLC Happy Hour:
 Friday, April 8. 2022, 6-7 PM. Location: My Buddy’s. RSVP HERE.

Upcoming opportunities for training

Check out our Event and Training Calendar for the most recent information about training events. Make sure to look at training start times as those will change throughout the training cycle:

Thursday, March 31, 6:30 PM
at Lakeview Athletic Club

Saturday, April 2, 8:30 AM
at Winnemac Park.