April 20, 2022


Lots of good stuff happening with TPAN’s Ride for Life Chicago! As the temperatures slowly begin to climb, we’re beginning to hear about Ride fundraising events being planned. If you need help planning an event or have an event idea and don’t know what to do, let us know! We’re here to help and can help you get started!

It’s not too late for you to ask friends and family to join you on the Ride. We have 50 and 100 mile options still available for anyone who feels 200-miles is too much of a challenge. We also have slots on our crew available.

58 days till event weekend!

Outdoor Training

Our second outdoor training will take place this Saturday at 8:30 am. We have short and long distances planned. Meet us in the parking lot of Winnemac for announcements and pre-ride stretching. This weekend looks great, with plenty of sun (finally!). Please arrive at 8:40 AM for announcements and stretching. Send Patrick an email at P.lannon@tpan.com if you have any questions or plan to attend.

We have added additional training options to our training calendar for anyone looking for other group Ride options. We have a group ride with Specialized Lincoln Park on Mondays and a group ride with Windy City Cycling on Sundays so far. We'll add more soon.

Fundraising tip of the week: Venues for team fundraising events
We have several local businesses who are ready and willing to host a fundraising event for the Ride. Your event can be anything from karaoke, to drink specials to a wine tasting. We’re here to help you every step of the way. Contact us and we’ll help you select a venue plan and promote your event. Some of the businesses who have offered their establishment include Rewired Pizza Bar, Nobody’s Darling, My Buddy’s, Drew’s on Halsted, Cell Block and Hydrate Nightclub. To host an event at one of these establish, contact us and we’ll help you select a date. Contact Andrew at a.miller@tpan.com for information and support.

Jersey Challenge

Congratulations to our jersey challenge winners who will receive a free official jersey for raising $1,300 by 4/20. Our winners are: Patrick Lannon, Mary Meyers, Xavier Mendez, Charles Pettersson, Ron Schnorbus, Adam Boltz, Dale Woods, Eric Joel Turnwald, David S. Hackett, & Dan Hansvick. Over the next few weeks, we'll have more fun challenges. Stay tuned!

Upcoming events and meetings

Team Chainbite Gang's Happy Hour Fundraiser: Friday, April 22, 6:30 PM. Location: My Buddy's. For $10 you will have access to the hosted (a.k.a. open) bar for one  hour. RSVP to D.fitzgerald@tpan.com

TEAM UCCN’S Drag Show Fundraiser: Saturday, April 23.
 For $10, you get two drink tickets and a great show at Hydrate Nightclub. More info HERE.

Upcoming opportunities for training

HERE is the Event and Training Calendar. Look at training start times as those will change throughout the training cycle:

Saturday, April 23, 8:40 AM
 at Winnemac Park.

Sunday, April 24, 8 AM to 12 PM, Windy City Cycling at West Foster Drive & Lakefront Trail

Monday, April 25, 6 PM Specialized Lincoln Park