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A Ride for Life Chicago team can consist of two or more participants and can be a combination of Cyclists, Virtual Riders and Crew. Anyone can join or start a team! Below are some frequently asked questions (and answers) about how teams work.

What are the advantages of being on a team?
Being a part of a team gives you access to training and fundraising support, keeping you strong, inspired, and creative during your training and fundraising journey in the months leading up to event weekend. For a first-time participant, a team is a great way to get involved with the Ride for Life Chicago community.

How do I join a team?

Join an existing team or create a new one when you register for Ride for Life Chicago!
Already registered? Contact our event staff and they’ll help connect you to the team you’d like to join!

Not sure which team to join? Meet new people and by attending Ride for Life Chicago training sessions to meet other Ride participants. Keep tabs on the event calendar for details about training opportunities.

Already registered, and feeling inspired to start a new team?  Contact event staff and we’ll help you set up your team and walk you through all the tools available to you as a Team Captain.

What is the fundraising requirement for team members?

Each Cyclist on a team is responsible for raising the required minimum of $1,200 by event weekend. While fundraising is optional for crew members, we are a fundraising event so we do ask crew to fundraise at least $500.

Can someone donate to a team?

Donations can be made to individual participants and teams. You can also split donations among team members or transferred from one participant to another.

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