Victory Lap, TPAN and Vivent Health would like to thank all of our participants, volunteers, sponsors, and spectators for a great event on Saturday. TPAN appreciates your advocacy, generosity, time and support! Learn more about the work we do at

Drawing on the profound history of TPAN's Ride for Life Chicago, The Victory Lap is the new beginning of a triumphant fundraising movement - vital to TPAN's mission of bringing life-enhancing care to those living with HIV/AIDS and other related conditions.

For the past twenty years, the RFLC has been a crucial contributor to TPAN's work in delivering health services and assistance to individuals with HIV/AIDS and associated health problems. The Victory Lap reinvigorates and expands this virtuous tradition, by recognizing the strides TPAN has made to bring positive change to Chicago, the LGBTQ+ community and all others that seek care.

The Victory Lap is a one-day movement that can be accomplished physically or virtually as a 25-100 mile course. This movement is inclusive. The Victory Lap welcomes all persons regardless of experience level and can be joined on bike, skateboard, blades, foot or any other physical means that show your commitment to the movement. It is an occasion for stories of triumph, for expressing the dedication to end HIV/AIDS, and for celebrating TPAN's success in offering the highest-quality and compassionate health services to the community.

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