Victory Lap Chicago



Drawing on the profound history of TPAN’s Ride for Life Chicago, The Victory Lap reinvigorates this virtuous, fundraising movement by making it more accessible, inclusive, and most importantly, Triumphantly Chicago!


The Victory Lap is a one-day fundraising event that benefits TPAN, an HIV service organization that has been providing care to Chicago residents for 36 years. Participants raise funds in the months leading up to the event. The Victory Lap will be held on Saturday, September 23. It will begin and end at the AIDS Memorial Garden, Chicago. The route is an approx. 25 mile loop through the city and may be done up to 4 times, totaling 100 miles. The route will tour through many of Chicago’s boulevards, parks and bike paths; with stretches that allow for advanced participants to push their endurance. We will ride along the beautiful Chicago Lake Shore path, explore the south side of Chicago passing through The Victory Monument, The Light of Truth Monument, Ping Tom Memorial before returning north. Interactive and sponsored pit stops will include refreshments, activities, and restrooms every 5-6 miles. Medial assistance and Crew will be stationed at these stops, ready to assist anyone in need.  The working draft of the route may be found here.


You may sign up as an individual, form a team with coworkers and friends, or ask to be placed on a team to meet new people. Once you sign up, a participant portal with links and codes will be created to assist you in reaching a fundraising goal of $500. We will help you! You may ride the Victory Lap on a bicycle, roller blade, skate, run, whatever your ability level allows. You may also volunteer for the event at a Pit Stop or Water Station.


All funds raised will go directly to supporting TPAN’s services and programs. For more than three decades, TPAN has been a lifeline to those living with HIV/AIDS and at-risk populations. TPAN has grown from a small, community-oriented organization to a comprehensive health services provider, featuring a drop-in center for LGBTQIA+ youth and other individuals. TPAN’s recent merger with Vivent Health brings with it medical care, a food pantry and pharmacy to provide complete care under one roof.



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Guided by our city, let us join forces to find victory in our fight against HIV/AIDS.


"We ride because we want to end the stigma of HIV/AIDS. We ride because we believe in the mission of TPAN. We ride because all of you are family."

Meg Valentini

Maggie Gaines

"To honor my favorite cousin who passed of AIDS, I started to do the RFLC. I continue to do the ride because of the commitment TPAN has made to doing lifesaving work."



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