For more than three decades, TPAN has been a lifeline to those living with HIV/AIDS and at-risk populations. TPAN has grown from a small, community-oriented organization to a comprehensive health services provider featuring a drop-in center for LGBTQ+ youth and other individuals.

Many people from underserved neighborhoods in Chicago - specifically those living South - benefit from services, with 1 in 5 individuals utilizing our programs. The majority of those helped are LGBTQ+ and people of color, which are disproportionately affected by HIV/AIDS in Chicago. TPAN’s on-site services are invaluable to those dealing with HIV/AIDS, mental health care, substance abuse, unstable housing, and unemployment.

Since treatment for HIV/AIDS has improved, and those taking medication can now live longer, TPAN’s scope of work has expanded to include more than HIV/AIDS care. A third of our visitors are without a stable home, and many are struggling with mental health care or substance abuse. On average, those accessing the services have an annual household income of $15,000.

TPAN is dedicated to providing diverse care to those who seek it and is committed to meeting the needs of our community.



$25 Helps cover the costs of an HIV/STI testing/counseling session and testing kit

$75 Pays for a week's worth of food for a TPAN client

$150 Provides a TPAN client with two mental health counseling sessions

$150 Supports TPAN's housing navigation and case management experts' care for a homeless or unstably housed client

$250 Pays for a starter kit (crate, food, leash, and shots) for dogs adopted through our Paws N' Effect program

$250 Covers a week's expenses to provide homeless LGBTQ youth with basic needs care, such as meals, clothing, and support

$500 Helps TPAN connect a low-income person living with HIV to vital health care and supportive services