200 MILES. 2 DAYS.

TPAN's Ride for Life Chicago is the only event of its kind in the Midwest to support services for people living with HIV or at risk. Hundreds of cyclists cycle 50-200 miles to raise money for the event. The money raised helps TPAN and community partners provide housing, healthcare, and mental health services to thousands of Chicago's vulnerable. In the 18 years since the Ride began, TPAN has delivered care to tens of thousands of individuals.

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This year’s event is June 18-19. Our journey will begin in Chicago and travel along a scenic route up to Sawyer, MI where we’ll spend the night at Tower Hill Camp & Resort Center. Everyone, whether you are an experienced cyclist or haven’t been on a bicycle in years, is welcome to join Ride for Life Chicago. We offer free opportunities for training, fundraising support, and a welcoming community.

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With your participation in TPAN's Ride for Life Chicago, you will help us ensure that people have free access to our services, decrease stigma around HIV/AIDS, and honor those who have passed away due to AIDS-related causes.

Ride for Life Chicago has three ways for you to get involved.

1. Ride 50-200 miles over two days
2. Join the Crew Team
3. Sign up to be a volunteer
Cyclists are required to raise a minimum of $1,200. Fundraising is optional for crew members, but since we're a fundraiser, we ask crew to raise at least $500.

RFLC particpants' own words:

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We invite you to join our Ride for Life Chicago community. We’re a community of people who care deeply about HIV and AIDS and the people it affects, who are the most vulnerable in our society.

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